Works in Progress

Like most all active writers, I always have a few projects under development.  What you see here are the most promising.  Some are well-along, others barely started.  You are welcome to read them, and should you note anything that needs improvement, by all means, bring it up in a comment section on the blog, or by using the Contact tab in the header menu.  No writer can catch everything by himself, and your help is vital to the success of the projects.  Make a major contribution, and you may find yourself immortalized in the finished book’s acknowledgement section!  Connections follow:

STINGAREE:   This novel stands at about two-thirds completed, and has been stalled for a while.  It is a steampunk alternate-history set in San Diego’s Stingaree district, a den of inequity directly comparable to San Francisco’s Barbary Coast.

THE SECRET SOCIETY:  Think Victorian Man From U.N.C.L.E.  This is a spinoff from Beyond the Rails that follows the international law enforcement career of Jinx Jenkins.  About half of this novella is complete.

LADIES OF THE EVENING:  Only one scene is done on this story of dimensional horror that is a direct sequel to Possession of BloodSo little of this is done that you might be better off reading that story.  It has not been published yet either, so comments there are welcome as well.