Other Voices, #19

Good morning, everyone, and I hope this finds you well.  I announced in yesterday’s post, Gone Fishing, I’m going to be taking a couple or three weeks of R&R; read it for the details.  But then I realized that I had today’s post about 80% complete, so why not post it, right?  So enjoy the books and the blogs, and take some time off to hibernate.  I highly recommend it!

~ Books ~


Zombie Road:  388-page novel by David A. Simpson.  After decades of planning, the contagion was unleashed and overnight hundreds of millions died and came back as rampaging, undead monsters.  The living that had been lucky enough to survive the outbreak soon discovered there was much more to worry about than just zombies.  In the high desert on the outskirts of Reno, there is an old truck stop frequented by a mix of hard caliber truckers, day tourists, musicians and travelers.  They have survived the chaotic first hours of contact with the undead and now must make their way across the country to a location they believe is safe.  Zombies are only the beginning of their troubles as they try to cover the thousands of miles of open road with their hastily armored 18-wheelers.  $2.99 on Kindle.


Murder in the Air:  152-page novel by David Pearson.  A local businessman’s plane crashes into bogland killing all three occupants.  Galway’s detectives investigate.  It’s not long before experts establish that the small aircraft’s engine had been tampered with.  From dealing with a tragic accident, senior DI Maureen Lyons is suddenly launching a murder inquiry.  The initial police investigation centers on the pilot, the local property development tycoon, Gerald Fortune.  The other occupants, Fortune’s daughter, Emma, and his architect, are seen as unfortunate bystanders.  It turns out that Fortune did not always play fair, and many individuals were left out of pocket by his business dealings.  But was that enough to kill?  Could there be a different motive at work?  The police inquiries set off a chain of events that lead to an assault, a kidnapping and a whole load of intrigue.  Who would go to such lengths to see off the plane’s occupants?  Who was the real target?  And why?  This could be the hardest investigation yet for Maureen Lyons and her team.  And she’ll have to light a fire under the sleepy west coast Garda to catch the killer.  99¢ on Kindle.


A Body on Fitzgerald’s Bluff:  185-page novel by Anna Celeste Burke.  Miriam Webster’s a woman with a few secrets — can she keep them after she and her spirited Dalmatian, Domino, find a body on Fitzgerald’s Bluff?  When Miriam Webster moves into the Seaview Cottages active adult community, the last thing she expects is to find a body on the bluffs nearby.  The mystery takes a quick detour when Miriam and her friends return to Fitzgerald’s Bluff with the Deputy Sheriff.  The dead woman’s gone, but not for long.  Where the body turns up is only one of the surprising twists the mystery takes for Miriam and her friends.  Convinced that the local deputy isn’t up to the task of finding a killer on the loose, Miriam and her gang of Grand Old Lady Detectives [G.O.L.D.] set out to discover the truth about a body on Fitzgerald’s Bluff.  Can they solve the mystery without becoming the killer’s next victim?  $2.99 on Kindle.


Titus Fogg.  452-page novel by Aaron Piper.  Titus Fogg hates magic, and with good reason.  Born into a murderous family of cruel and powerful casters in modern Massachusetts, magic has contributed to every bad thing that has happened to him since birth.  After finally managing to banish the most likely evil (but definitely dirty-minded) entity called Shade from his body to the sidelines as his shadow, Titus has the chance to have a normal, magic free, high school life.  But, when Tess Roe, his classmate, neighbor and model of justice at their school realizes she can see the creatures Titus calls the Wyrd too, Titus must return to the world of the strange to help her.  Soon Titus’s dark past comes to light as he must prove that he isn’t responsible for the death of one of Tess’s friends, and the theft of a magical book that could lead to the destruction of Arkham.  99¢ on Kindle.  [That price is listed in our writers’ group as “This Week Only.”  I found no reference to the full price, but if this looks interesting, get it soon!]


Down Jersey Driveshaft:  425-page novel by William J. Jackson.  World War on the American homefront.  But this is not the war against the Axis Powers.  Something sinister and beyond imagining has penetrated the salt marshes and idyllic surroundings of Salem County, New Jersey.  It will take the bravery of strangers and locals, along with some startling new technology, to beat back the tide of this unstoppable nightmare.  For those who have never experienced it before, this is Dieselpunk, a reimagining of the early 20th Century, more advanced, more deadly, more classy than what we have today.  It is yesterday’s look with tomorrow’s tech, retrofuturism.  This is Down Jersey Driveshaft.  This and all of Mr. Jackson’s novels are $1.99 on Kindle for the rest of this week.


CODE: Revelation.  206-page novel by Boris Sanders.  Introverted computer scientist Maximilian Gutenberg had no intention of acquiring a crystal with a being trapped inside, especially not one with the power to save — or destroy — humanity.  Her name is Lucy, and she cannot escape her prison until her mission is complete.  A mission she keeps secret from everyone, even Max.  But she needs his help.  To gain his trust, she offers to get rid of his abusive boss in one week, and get him that promotion he always wanted.  She’ll make him the hero of his own life, a man worthy of recognition, in exchange for helping her complete her mission.  This could be the opportunity of Max’s life, but he can’t help but wonder if Lucy is as good as she seems . . .  And exactly what mission she must complete to regain her freedom.  Set in a dystopian, futuristic city built miles into the sky, CODE: Revelation is a powerful, psychological thrill ride that calls into question the nature of good and evil, and the importance of taking control of your own destiny.  $3.99 on Kindle.

~ Blogs ~

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And that’s 30 for a while.  Have a safe and happy new year, and I’ll see you probably around the end of January.  Ciao!

Gone Fishing

Rest is not idleness, and to lie sometimes on the grass under trees on a summer’s day, listening to the murmur of the water, or watching the clouds float across the sky, is by no means a waste of time.”



A glorious good morning to all!  I hope everyone reading this had a wonderful Christmas, or whatever you celebrate at the winter solstice.  Trees, crosses, and fat men in sleighs aside, The Tyler Gang had a wonderful day exchanging gifts, sharing glorious tales of yore, and watching a blockbuster movie on our bigscreen.  Needless to say, the six-to-eight weeks of preparation for the event takes a toll on a septuagenarian, and trying to keep this site interesting and on a schedule has been a constant challenge.  So I am succumbing to the forces that I’m no longer young enough to battle, and taking some time off.  I have close to a hundred unread books on my Kindle, two shelves of Xbox games I’ve never seen the end of, and probably another hundred movies and TV shows waiting to be watched.  In addition, I have a major room rearrangement to perform to enlarge our dining area by a foot or two, and then there’s the teardown from Christmas to take up the rest of the week.  Once I get the work done, at least some of the fun had, and recover a bit of energy, I’ll be back to the grind, so watch the places where you usually look for new-post announcements, and when you see new stuff, I’ll be back!

Finally, I want to make this abundantly clear:  The closer we got to Christmas, the busier things became around Chez Tyler, and if I overlooked anyone who sent me Christmas or holiday wishes, I had no intention to snub anyone, and I apologize.  I love and cherish everyone who has taken the time to read, and especially comment on, my humble efforts, and I most sincerely thank everyone who has made the visit.  Now, I’m off.  Anyone who wants can contact me at the Talk To Me! tab above and it will show up as an email notice.  The blog is still available to read, as are all the books and stories at the tabs above.  Give me a few weeks to vegetate, and I’m sure I’ll be back in form before you know it.  Until we meet again, then, be safe, have fun, and read well and write better!


Other Voices, #18

~ Books ~


Safe Haven.  348-page novel by Christopher Artinian.  The planet has succumbed to a monstrous virus.  Those who die from the infection return as savage predators hell-bent on spreading the virus to the rest of the human population.  The UK and Ireland are the last hold-outs, but when the infrastructure supporting their self-imposed quarantine collapses, it’s everyone for themselves.  Mike Fletcher and his sister Emma live in Leeds.  With the city’s streets overrun by the dead, their only option is to flee.  They take their younger siblings and set off to find their last remaining relative in the far north-west of Scotland.  As they travel north they encounter other survivors – but who can they trust?  Their terrifying journey will require them to confront horrors both human and inhuman, in the outside world and within themselves.  Will they ever find a safe haven?  $3.27 on Kindle.


Yesterday’s Lost:  83-page novella by Sam Cheever. Pratt Davies is a police detective with the Saint Louis PD.  He’s comfortable in his role, and confident that he’s seen just about everything there is to see.  Until he and his partner answer a call to enter a home where blood curdling screams speak of horrific violence.  Inside the disturbing house, he encounters a strange, icy mist and something malevolent waiting just beyond view.  Pratt’s confidence is shaken, his worldview smashed into tiny pieces like shards of glass from a broken mirror.  His partner comes out of that house damaged, both physically and mentally, unable to even form a coherent response.  Pratt is so shaken he can barely function.  And he still has a murder to solve.  Who killed the couple living in that terrible house?  What haunted the mist obscuring the scene?  How did Pratt’s partner end up bleeding and babbling on the floor, something evil oozing through her gaze?  And how is Pratt, broken and terrified himself, ever going to solve a murder that has every indication of having been born in the ether?  99¢ on Kindle.


The Stone Thread First Chronicle:  343-page novel by J.R. Evangelisti.  In 1980, Dr. Elizabeth Wellstrom is a researcher of historic words.  She discovers the word Skotoma, which transcends centuries.  While trying to understand how this could possibly happen, she and her boyfriend co-worker become detectives in solving the mystery.  Then things begin to unravel as her research leads to a deranged and dangerous killer.  This is a harrowing, suspenseful, and fast paced mystery involving good versus evil set on the Eastern Seaboard.  $1.99 on Kindle.


Silent Kingdom:  247-page novel by Rachel L. Schade.  Misroth’s king has died, and the entire kingdom is in mourning – or so it seems.  After her father is crowned regent in his brother’s stead, Princess Halia discovers a terrible truth that could end her life.  But when she flees to live in hiding, she discovers that the Royal Guard are not all she has to fear.  Dark creatures stalk her, reports of oppression and war reach her ears, and her burden to protect her kingdom – at any cost – will not be silenced.  Lovers of fantasy adventures such as An Ember in the Ashes, Throne of Glass,and The Remnant Chronicles won’t want to miss this exciting new series.  Filled with heart-pounding action and thrilling courage, supernatural powers and nightmarish monsters, readers have trouble putting this book down.  99¢ on Kindle.


Game Piece:  261-page novel by Alan Brenham.  Temple, Texas Police Detective Barry Marshall hunts for a hardened serial killer with the ultimate endgame, one intended to strip Marshall of everything he holds dear — his career, his wife Erin, and his reputation.  Unbeknownst to Marshall, the killer had dated Erin years ago, and seeing Marshall with her pushes him over the edge.  Determined to punish Marshall for stealing his beloved, the killer plays a deadly cat-and-mouse game of murder.  As the body count rises, Marshall is forced to face his worst nightmare.  99¢ on Kindle.


When Friends Must Die:  174-page novel by C.W. Hawes.  Private detective Justinia Wright doesn’t like missing person cases.  But her brother, Harry, goads her into taking the Distad case for a nice fat fee.  The investigation is moving along just fine, when all of a sudden it all begins to fall apart.  No one wants to cooperate.  Tina and Harry are at odds.  And worst of all, Tina goes into a funk and simply stops working.  Will she come out of her funk in time to pull everything together, find the killer, and earn her fee?  When Friends Must Die is the sixth book in the Justinia Wright Private Investigator Mysteries series, and if you like old-school mysteries in the vein of Nero Wolfe or Hercule Poirot, then consider this one to carry the Blimprider Seal of Approval; I haven’t read this novel (yet!), but have read from this series, and whole-heartedly recommend it to fans of the genre.  $3.99 on Kindle.


Terra Incognita.  541-page novel by Mark Ferguson.  On a world where the horizon moves and parallel realities grind together, the Bad Time is coming.  A boy named Nemed, a stern Detective named Malone, and a reformed terrorist named Larmenihar each come from a different Scape, and each will confront unpleasant discoveries and the legacy of bleak, violent history, a history that is sometimes bizarre and sometimes darkly familiar.  Mere men with guns and wits must content with crystalline post-humans of incredible technology and strength, themselves overshadowed by stranger and more horrible beings of weaponized insanity.  Knowledge of the mysterious phenomenon which created the moving Horizons overhead would be a powerful asset for any side, but the legends of the Bad Time warn against such curiosity.  Under the thick glaciers of the Larch Scape a discovery is about to be made, one that is drawing the multiverse’s more advanced peoples to Nemed’s cold homeland and bringing them closer to war.  CDN$6.29 on Kindle.


Rage of Angels:  61-page novella by John Northern.  On the surface Hallows Chaise appears to be a normal coastal fishing hamlet, but scratch the surface and you can see families suffering from unexplained losses as they are torn apart by the Demon Erebus.  For the young of the village are being taken for nourishment to be offered up to the Dark Lord Erebus in the Old Oak.  Erebus is growing daily in strength and threatening both the humans and the ethereal beings that dwell in the wood.  In response to this the mother of the wood, the lady Danu, unleashes a terrible power to try and quell the growth of this darkness, at a great personal cost.  For despite what is done to try and stop Erebus’ inexorable gain of control nothing seems to yet work.  Then without warning both the villagers of Hallows Chaise and the spirits of the wood receive the help they need from those that they were not expecting.  £7.99 on Kindle.

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And that’s 30 for this week.  Join me Saturday for the second installment of the Kung Fu drill-down, and meanwhile, I’ll be out gathering interesting gems for next Thursday’s post.  See you around the stacks; read well, and write better!