Notes on the Coming Merger

Good day again, friends.  Over the past few weeks I have been referring you to my other blog, Jack’s Hideout, where I began a drill-down on the original Kung Fu series.  The unfortunate fact is that, for reasons I don’t understand, traffic to that blog is virtually nonexistent.  According to the counters, for every reader that visits that site, about twenty visit this one, and I have finally come to the point where I’m going to set nostalgia aside in favor of practicality, and move all my activity to this WordPress site.

I don’t know whether Blogger is dying a slow death like the brick-and-mortar department stores of my youth, or if WordPress is just providing a wider distribution to its users, but whatever the reason, I’m through consigning my hard work to what amounts to an unexplored backwater.  I have only posted three episodes of the Kung Fu project over there, so it should be easy enough to move them over here, and in fact, the first one is coming within the next couple of hours.  Maybe it isn’t that interesting to other people, and maybe it still won’t draw comments, and if that’s the case, fine, but at least I’ll know that it’s being seen.

Kung Fu promises to be a lengthy project, but I may occasionally come across other things to share, and they will be here also.  It pains me to step away from my original blog on the web, but it would pain me more to do all this work, and have nothing to show for it but a list of unread posts.

So mark this page if you want to see what I get up to in the coming weeks or months; I may not consider myself a writer anymore, but that doesn’t mean I won’t have other things to offer.  And about that . . .  Kyanite Publishing very kindly left the door open to any submissions I might care to make should the “mojo” return.  The writers among you will understand this:  I still have some very intriguing stories rattling around in my head, and that fact that I’m currently unable to get them to my fingers and onto the page doesn’t mean that that will never happen.  It could occur at any time, and should you want to be around when it does, the first announcement is likely to be right here.  Stop by and take a load off; I’d love to hear what you have to say!

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