The Edge of the Map – No. 6

Good morning, all, and welcome back.  If you are a first-time reader, welcome to my humble digs.  I yammer on about all my weird and eclectic opinions on Sunday, but the Thursday post is for my fellow authors, indies mostly, though not exclusively, who ply their trade just off the edge of the map, exploring new ground that the Big Five publishers will claim to have invented a decade from now.  If you’d like to be sitting there waiting for them when they crest that last hill, here’s the latest list of books you won’t find the Big Boys anywhere near.  Enjoy!

Interesting Reads . . .


Sons of the Cavern by Kevin Steward. Kaito was once a baseball prodigy destined to bring fame and fortune to his family. But that was before a gambling ring forced him to quit his dream. His misfortunes have led him to addiction and petty crime – but his life is not as insignificant as he thinks. Two centuries into the future, a robotic doppelganger made in Kaito’s image sets out to discover the origins of his creation. Who was the human he was based on? Why was he chosen as the blueprint? The answers are so profound that they lead the AI on a quest to liberate the remnants of civilization. $3.99 on Kindle.


The Lakeside by William Schumpert. Matt was always fond of River Falls after leaving to live in the city. Eager to visit the countryside he grew up in he drove in anticipation to his old home by the lake, yet he finds that his old home is not what it used to be. Haunted by a bizarre atmosphere and mysterious creatures in the very bellows of Hell, all while a child’s life hangs on the balance of intricate madness – “But that shadow- that foreboding presence . . . As hard as I tried I could not ignore its presence . . . there had to be an end to it! For God’s sake there must be an end to this menacing chaos!” $4.99 on Kindle.


Legend of the Ocean Queen by Albert A. Correia. War was inescapable. Vital resources were needed. Immediately! Captain Fortnight and the stalwart Ocean Queen set out with a cache of gold despite a brewing storm. Within hours, they were plowing through mountainous seas . . . and sailing directly into an armed blockade. Troops aboard the blockading ships had direct orders: Stop the Ocean Queen . . . or send her to the bottom of the sea! $2.99 on Kindle.


The Breathtaker by Alice Blanchard. Twister meets Silence of the Lambs. A haunting thriller about a string of murders during tornado season by award-winning author Alice Blanchard. When a tornado slams into Promise, Oklahoma, the town’s terrified residents realize that a killer is moving among them . . . “One hell of a whirlwind ride . . . tension-filled thriller that will leave readers spinning.” Milwaukee Journal. $3.99 on Kindle.


Blue Almond Eyes By Natalie Nixon.  Blue Almond Eyes is an historical fiction novel based on a true life story. A story about defying society’s expectations, racism and discrimination.  The story weaves back and forth through time, in three countries and over four generations reflecting societal attitudes on both sides.  Whilst the story is unique, it is also universal. It’s an epic story of survival, tragedy, struggle, of the burning desire to belong, and how ultimately, LOVE transcends all.  99¢ on Kindle.


I’ve covered Down Jersey Driveshaft by William J. Jackson before, but I want to hit it again because this post coincides with one of his surprise sales.  He aims to have the hottest dieselpunk book out there with this title, and beginning today through the weekend, the Kindle price is reduced by 80% in the U.S. and U.K.  Get it while it’s hot!

And that’s 30 for this issue.  Enjoy the reading, and be sure to join me Sunday when I’ll be offering my take on the difference between discipline and creativity, and whether one can be substituted for the other.  This is especially meaningful to me right at the moment, and any thoughts you may have on the issue would be greatly appreciated.  Until then, read well and write better!

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