The Edge of the Map – No. 5

Top o’ the mornin’ to ye, loyal friends and readers. I think I’ve explained what this is about well enough by now, so I’ll just get right to the tantalizing reads for this week.


Midnight Requisition by Holly Copella. A series of brutal murders leaves a traumatized young woman on a hunt to find a killer. When they were just babies, Scorpio and her twin brother, Kane, tragically lost their parents under mysterious circumstances. Refusing to accept his father was dead, Kane set off on a mission to find a man he’d never met. A home invasion gone wrong leaves Scorpio grieving the loss of those she loves. Out of the tragedy of her loss, two fallen heroes are thrust upon her. Scorpio soon realizes someone wants her dead and the killer may already be in her circle. As her entire life unravels in a web of betrayal and lies, can Scorpio trust her new, slightly questionable friends? 99¢ on Kindle.


The World According to Good Gods by Greg Oliver. This book is aimed at readers with a genuine interest in modern philosophy. In essence, it is an intellectually engaging textbook, which offers a new approach to Scientific Naturalism. It explores in depth the nature of our existence and investigates the scientific basis of happiness. It is a comprehensive and well-researched book, which contains many new theses. That’s why you do not need to just read this book. You need to put the book down for a time and then come back to it again, instead of reading it at once from the beginning to the end. In other words, you need to take your time and digest it slowly. This is a book for truth seekers. And it is – for the most part – aimed at people who possess a broad-spectrum academic knowledge. And so, it is not intended for people with limiting religious views or for those who are harboring various modern-day dogmatic beliefs. 99¢ on Kindle.


Lady Justice and the Mysterious Box by Robert Thornhill. A mysterious box left by a dying man falls into Walt’s hands. He learns, much to his dismay, that the box is being sought by agents from four countries. Walt has no idea what the box contains but is told that in the right hands it could be a blessing to mankind, but in the wrong hands, a curse. Walt is charged with the safekeeping of the box, but at what expense? Others who have come in contact with the box are dead. At some point, Walt must decide whether the contents of the box are worth risking the lives of those closest to him. Free on Kindle [reg $4.99]


Dinomorphs by Odin Gray. What if you were sucked into a portal to a parallel universe? One where the dinosaurs never went extinct? One where they evolved to rule? Sounds pretty epic, huh? Believe me, it is and not in a good way. It’s been nothing short of a nightmare. From a casual Friday night at the beach to being chased through carnivorous jungles and the streets of their fortified cities, I just want to go home where the most stressful thing is breaking in my new surfboard. Getting home isn’t going to be easy, though. On this world, the dinosaur royals—the Annunaki—reign supreme. To them, our kind are nothing but dogs, shackled slaves to the Royal houses. The Annunaki might have bigger teeth, but with us, they are about to learn they’ve bitten off more than they can chew. We have a surprise up our sleeves, one that will make them see that no one holds our leash. My name is Kellen Masters and this is my story—welcome to the world of the Marduk. This debut novel of the Dinomorphs is suitable for all ages thirteen and up. Grab your copy now! Free giveaway short story also included with purchase: The Impossible Choice — Dagon’s Duty. $2.99 on Kindle.


The X-Troop by Clay Davis. President Grant needs to create an elite fighting force to defend the United States of America from a terrorist gang. The terrorists have advanced technology at their command and will not hesitate to use it. The X-Troop will need to use all their skills to defeat this deadly enemy. $4.99 on Kindle.


In Your Tummy by Courtney Sexton. In Your Tummy is a story that teaches children about the good bacteria living in their tummies and why it’s important to eat fresh fruits and vegetables. In this fun, engaging and colorful picture book, children ages 3-7 will relate to Nori as she teaches them the importance and function of her “tummy friends.” Together, Nori and her friends learn how good bacteria work and the food that keeps the body healthy. The book also includes recipes and an activity to help parents make eating healthy fun! $4.99 on Kindle.


Underrated Rock Book by Jim Santora, Jr Rock Music Is Not Dead! It’s just changing its course; rock music has a new direction. Which might not be to your tastes. What is a fan of rock music to do? The Underrated Rock Book is for you. This book is for any fan of rock music that is looking to go back and find lost classics, obscure albums, artists that were forgotten and some that never saw the light of day. The Underrated Rock Book covers all rock genres from 1970 to 2015. That’s 45 years of albums that have been cast away, until today. The book will make you think and wonder why you never paid attention to the albums and some of these artists before. The book will also start debates as to artists and/or albums that are truly underrated. Better keep your computer or streaming device close at hand. Reading this book will have you grabbing the headphones to listen to many of the songs featured in these pages. It’s an interactive read, so eyes and headphones required! $4.99 on Kindle.

Special Activities . . .

As a special treat for my loyal readers, allow me to offer a brilliant piece of work from Bonsart Bokel, a steampunk enthusiast extraordinaire, and owner of a YouTube channel well worth your attention:

This is part of a series, The Steampunk Beginner’s Guide, and while it will tickle your funny bone something awful, like most good comedy, it is firmly based in truth. Budding young steampunks (and old, tea-steeped grognards as well) will find lots to enjoy here.


Author J.M. Frey is releasing a new book, The Skylark’s Song, which you’ll be reading about here next week, but if you’re in the Toronto area this Saturday, join her for her launch party at High Park. Full details are on her Facebook page.


And that’s 30 for today. Those following will be thrilled to hear that I have eight of the thirteen chapters of Broken English posted in its tab above. Enjoy your reading, and join me next Sunday when I’ll be discussing public nudity. See you then!

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