Blimprider Times; #14

First of all, Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads aboard.  We’re all at different points in our journeys, and the experience is unique for all of us, and yet we’re bound by the experience.  Here’s hoping it’s the best that it can possibly be!  And now, on with the show.

Featured Site of the Week


This week I give you Rambles, Writing and Amusing Musings from the wide-ranging pen of Laurie Bell.  In her own words,

I have been writing on and off about all sorts of things for a long time.  Musings, rants, rambles and actual works of fiction are a staple of my blogging life.  I envy those amazingly talented folk who can write poetry or music because I certainly can’t!  This blog is not that.  I just ramble . . . so I hope you enjoy!

I have many pieces of work here, some in progress, some completed.  I apologize for editing errors which are my own as it is not my strength – my creativity is, however, so enjoy my stories.  Also, any comments I make are entirely my own opinion.  I do not speak for anyone but myself.

Join me on Twitter @Laurienotlori”

Laurie posts interviews, writing prompts, talks about her journey through the Craft, performs reviews of other writers’ work, and offers up razor-sharp flash fiction.  Her latest book, The Butterfly Stone, is available now, and will be discussed in full below.  If you have any interest in writing (and why are you reading this blog if you don’t?), be sure to stop by soon for the full treatment; it’s a very enjoyable experience!


Interesting Reads


The Butterfly Stone by Laurie Bell.


Beware!  Something is after Tracey Masters, a Mage-kind teen in a mostly non-magical world—a world where people like Tracey are often feared and oppressed.  Add to this stress a crazy family life, the schizo pressures of school, friends, and bullies, and working a boring job as an assistant at her uncle’s detective agency for magical types, and life isn’t just hard, it’s chaos!  That is, until a mysterious woman walks through the door with a case about a missing necklace known as the Butterfly Stone.  The case seems to be the big break Tracey is looking for to prove herself and her abilities as Mage-kind.  But she unexpectedly finds herself dangerously connected to it when the evidence takes a turn that reveals secrets from Tracey’s past, and places her friends and family in mortal danger.  She also discovers that she’s being hunted by a shadow that senses her magic is the key to unlocking the power it’s after.  The magic within the Butterfly Stone is too powerful to be contained, but if Tracey doesn’t learn how to control it, and escape the threat of the shadow that surrounds it, she could lose everything and everyone she cares about . . . beginning with her younger sister, Sarah.  $2.99 on Kindle.


A couple of issues back, I gave you Night Shift from the pen of B.K. Bass.  As a little refresher, Night Shift is a futuristic detective novel set in New Angeles, and tells the story of Harold Peterson, a homicide detective who finds himself entangled in a decades-old case that points to corruption at the highest levels of government.  Its author terms this an “episodic novel,” and Episode Six was posted yesterday.  Of considerable interest is the fact that this work is being offered for free.  All you need do is click in and read, so mystery lovers, what are you waiting for?  Free on Wattpad.

And that’s 30 for this issue.  I’ll be back Wednesday with some more promotions, and some chest-thumping (I hope!) about my Father’s Day loot.  See you then!

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