Blimprider Times, No. 8

Featured Site of the Week


Good morning, friends and followers.  Today it is my pleasure to feature the fabulous steampunk site of one Ms. Phoebe Darqueling.  I’ve known Phoebe for a few years now, and while we haven’t had much contact, her site is a joy for a steampunk to explore!  It lists no less than ten tabs and thirty topics to keep your mouse clicking for hours to come.

She is solidly immersed in the steampunk genre, so if that’s your bag, there’s no sorting through reams of unrelated material to find it.  She does interviews, book and movie reviews, how-to features, original stories, collaborative works, conventions, and still finds time to manage a Facebook page and a Twitter account.  If steampunk is your area of interest, this is a most-favored site for exploration; she’s right up there with the Steampunk Ambassador when it comes to focus and quality of content.

View from the Blimp

Updating my own activity, the project de jour for the foreseeable future will be story 1 of The Darklighters.  For those not yet up to speed, The Darklighters will be a series of novellas published in similar fashion to Beyond the Rails.  It is, in fact, a Beyond the Rails spinoff that follows the further adventures of Jinx Jenkins, who appears in two of the Beyond the Rails stories.  My description of The Darklighters is that it is a steampunked Victorian Man from U.N.C.L.E.  The first story can be read as it develops under the Works in Progress tab above.

In a somewhat related issue, with the help of some encouragement by a friend, I now have an Amazon author’s page.  You can visit me in all my magnificent glory here.

In Other News…


William J. Jackson continues his promotional sale prices, offering An Unsubstantiated Chamber, first book of The Rail Legacy series for 99¢ at

Part of the reason for the sale is to promote Chamber’s new cover, created by Bryce Raffle Designs.  If you’re a writer in search of a cover, Bryce’s page is a good place to start!

My next scheduled post will be Saturday.  Join me for a wide-ranging discussion of the various permutations of that elusive creature known to writers as The Muse.  As usual, it will be epic!  See you then…

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