Breaking News, April 15th

Limited Time Sale


Long-time readers will be very familiar with the name William J. Jackson for his work on the Rail Legacy series.  This many-faceted writer also has a dieselpunk work in print, Down Jersey Driveshaft, a huge story of warfare, angst, love, death and robots.  If you enjoyed The Rocketeer, Sky Captain, or Commando Cody, this is practically a must-read, and will be on sale for 99¢ today and tomorrow at the link above.  Strap into the cockpit and head out on patrol!


Upcoming Changes… again

I am still feeling my way with the details; hopefully I’ll get it right soon!  Never one to duck the responsibility for my own mistakes, I’m admitting to one with these little news blurbs.

The purpose of this blog is to support my work as an author, and the way I see myself doing that is to post on a regular basis updates on my writing activities, and articles about my philosophy of writing.  When I then intersperse these news updates almost every day, the main posts tend to get buried in “noise.”

Let me hasten to add that I don’t consider the work of my friends to be noise any more than I do my own, but the blog has one purpose which I’m diluting with this.  It’s like the boy who cried wolf.  If every day a new post is announced, and you follow the link only to find a book ad or an event flyer, pretty soon you aren’t bothering to look any more.

So, commencing tomorrow, I will be posting every four days, and when there is news, it will be attached at the bottom of the main article.  I don’t expect that all will have attachments, but the ones that do will include the “News” tag for easy reference.  I hope this serves the needs of my friends adequately, but I’ve begun to get off-task here, and I need to reapply the discipline.  I may not have it right yet, but I’m learning what works, and am convinced that each change moves closer to perfection.  Any thoughts?

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