Update, April 11th

Quality Covers for any Budget

Bryce Raffle, another of my old friends, and the editor responsible for the Den of Antiquity anthology, has developed a new sideline.  Any struggling indie who has ever asked for a price on a professional cover has stepped back with pinpoint pupils and palpitations of the heart.  To the rescue comes Bryce with his pre-made modular book covers.  Because of our relationship, he presented me with a few steampunk samples, of which this is one, but he can work in any genre, and so far, everything I’ve seen at his page is less than $100.00, sometimes substantially less.  I usually don’t show a full-size cover, but you have to see what he’s offering for this phenomenal price.


See more at https://thebookcoverdesigner.com/designers/bryce-raffle-designs/

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