Update — April 10th

I have had this site for just two months now, and I’m still sort of finding my way here.  I have found that my Blimprider Times feature that publishes every eight days is a long time for friends and colleagues to wait when they have news they want to get out.  Likewise, news that I pick up early in the cycle can be history by the time eight days go by, so once again, I’m changing format, again in the hope of improving the product.

Commencing immediately, Blimprider Times will continue to be published every eight days, and will primarily contain the Featured Site of the Week, and an update on my writing activities… plus anything else that seems germane, of course.  The blog posts about my views on the Craft will also be every eight days between the Times.  Any day that I pick up something new you may expect to see an Update.  The tag will be “News” for ease of location.  These will be taken down as the “news” moves past its expiration date, but after one year, no matter what.  If any of you want me to publicize a new book, group, activity, etc., PM me on the contact form, and I’ll set it up.  So, to business:

New Book Release


David Lee Summers pens the steampunk western series, The Clockwork Legion.  Yesterday he announced the release of Book 4 in that remarkable series, Owl Riders.  A word of caution:  David is a working astronomer with a firm grasp of science, so expect to be challenged.  This is not a book that will allow you to sit back and coast passively through a dull vanilla narrative.  You will be asked to think repeatedly, so if this is your idea of a good read, here’s your next book!


Required Reading

Whether you are a beginning novelist, or a grizzled veteran with decades in the wake, you need to read this article on managing the long beats of a series.  The whole website, Writers Helping Writers, is a treasure trove of information, and while no individual author will find value in everything they post, every writer will find many posts to help them on their way.  Very much worth a bookmark if you’re one of us crazy people who are obsessed with putting words on the page.

New Digs

Last week I found my writing group.  Now, let me be clear on this:  I am a member of several writing groups, and all of them include a good number of friends with whom I laugh and talk, and have a good time, but this group is serious.  I haven’t made any friends there yet in the on-line sense, but everyone there is friendly, and discussions are constant about every aspect of the Craft.  When I joined last week, there were 190 members, and this morning there are 220, so it’s growing daily.  The group is The Sci-Fi and Fantasy Writing Collective, and if you’re a Facebook member and write in either of those genres, I would be so bold as to suggest a visit and an application for membership ASAP; my regulars know I wouldn’t steer you wrong, and this one is really good.

That’s 30 for this issue.  Next scheduled post is an article about the Craft on Thursday, but I’ll see you tomorrow if something good turns up.  Ciao, lovelies!

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