Blimprider Times No. 4: The Ads

I’m trying something new today, something to support my friends and readers, and I expect it will become a recurring feature.  I have polled my author friends, my readers I’ve just met, and any writer who stumbles across my site to send me information on any books they have published in the last six weeks, will publish in the next six weeks, or any promotions they have coming up in the near future so that I can publicize them here.  Without a whole lot of extra fluff, then, let’s get started.

Terror in the Shadows by C.W. Hawes


An eldritch terror.  A lurking fear.  And death on our doorsteps.

Special Agent in Charge Pierce Mostyn is on a collision course with a nightmare.  And he doesn’t know it.

While investigating a mass murder, Mostyn and his team discover a gothic horror tale being played out in the hills of Appalachia.  But can he stop his team from becoming the next victims?

Terror in the Shadows is the third book in the Pierce Mostyn Paranormal Investigation series.  If you like tales of Lovecraft’s Mythos, humor, weird adventure and horror, then this series is for you.

Open the door today — if you dare!

Terror in the Shadows releases Monday, March 26, and will be available on  An excerpt from the first chapter is available at C.W.

Aunt Enid: Protector Extraordinaire by Karen J. Carlisle


Daemons, fairies, magic:  It’s all real!

The Otherworld is bleeding through cracks into our world.

And Adelaide is ground zero.

Something is coming.  Something dark – trading souls for passage.  And only one person stands between The Dark and the fate of the world.

Aunt Enid is just your average seventy-something year old.  She loves to cook, is a regular at bingo and spends hours in her garden, talking to her army of garden gnomes and fussing over the color of her hydrangeas…

When people start disappearing, her great niece, Sally, is drawn into a secret world and soon discovers her great aunt is a Protector Extraordinaire.

Aunt Enid:  Protector Extraordinaire is the first book in ‘The Aunt Enid Mysteries’, the first series in The Otherworlds Chronicles.  Expected publication dates are April 30th for e-books, and May 14th for physical copies.  This is still in flux, but she is 90% sure of making these dates.  Also, be aware that she will be offering a coupon for the first two weeks of the e-book reducing its price from $2.99 to .99 USD on SmashWords, so before you order, visit her webpage,, to take home this bargain on a new book by an excellent writer.

10 thoughts on “Blimprider Times No. 4: The Ads

  1. Perhaps it’s my age, but the Aunt Enid stories sounds wonderful! I would hope that I would be a protector of some sort in another 5-10 years as there aren’t that many satisfying jobs to be had at that age. And I’m sure I’ll still want to kick some butt somehow! Thanks Jack.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi, Sandy, and welcome back! Obviously, no one has read the Aunt Enid stories yet, but Karen is a versatile author who has penned several series in various genres. I have read some of the Viola Stewart steampunk mysteries, and can attest to the quality of the author, both in style and substance. I don’t doubt for a minute that Aunt Enid will live up to the same meticulous standards. I hope you do try it, and I hope you enjoy it, and while you’re waiting for release, a visit to Karen’s website will introduce you to all the work she has available. There’s a lot there to like.

      Have fun!


    1. Sounds like fun, Karen, and thanks for providing this information. Make sure I’m aware of the actual release dates, and I’ll be sure to give you some column space here!


    1. Very decent of you, Karen. Let me make this perfectly clear: I didn’t do this in the hope of getting a reciprocal arrangement. With a new book due for imminent release, you probably have better things to do with your blog. I wouldn’t object down the road after you have your own promotion work done. Drop me a PM then with your guidelines, and we can talk.


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