Post Zero

“This is the moment of embarking.  All auspicious signs are in place.”



February 12th, 2018, President’s Day, for the record.  I wrote the books pictured above, also for the record, and they are for sale on where they have been well-received.  Would I like you to buy them?  Of course I would, but that isn’t the point of my being here.

I’ve owned this site for a year and a half, since the provider of my beloved Weebly site was purchased by ScribD, who promptly claimed the right to “exploit” (their word) anything I posted there as the cost of using their servers.  I bailed before the ink was dry, but I didn’t start using WordPress right away, as I found their navigation and controls to be incredibly user-unfriendly, and went to instead.  I left there quite recently because I have a bad habit of just posting whatever I’m feeling at the time, including a bunch of negative stuff that no one who isn’t in it with me needs to hear.  I have returned to WordPress with one aim in mind:  To blog about The Craft of writing as an art form, and how I approach it, with no personal negativity to it.  Over the weeks and months to come, we’ll see how that works out, but this site is for writing, and to chronicle my journey as an author.  Bottom line:  I have upped-anchor once again, and moved to activate my WordPress site, and I have to tell you, either these controls have gotten a lot easier in the last year and a half, or I’ve gotten a lot smarter.  I know what my money’s on…

Anyway, this will be my new digs.  I’m still setting up the look and adding the widgets I want to make it an enjoyable experience for anyone who visits.  I hope to be adding some of my stories here, sample chapters, and any number of things to support my writing.  This site replaced, which replaced, which replaced, all of which were peppered with various degrees of spite, ire, and grousing, and it is not my intention to allow any of that to creep in here.  Of course, should I be subjected to any incomprehensible asshattery here such as Weebly’s decision to claim ownership of my copyrighted material, I’ll move again, and it’s very possible that my next move will be to the Big Comfy Couch in front of my XBox and its 55″ flatscreen.  But that’s for another day.  Today I’m taking the first steps to move into my new home, and as anyone might expect, I’m hoping for a long and productive relationship… with friends, with fans. with fellow writers, so stop by and say hello.  Come for the wit, and stay for the depth, at least that’s my fantasy.  Wish me luck!

2 thoughts on “Post Zero

    1. Thank you, Jazz, and welcome to my humble digs! I’m loving it here. This looks so much cleaner than my Blogger site, and really professional as well. I had an issue I couldn’t resolve last evening, I contacted them for help, and they had it cleared up within the hour. Not only that, but they talked me through the doing of it, so now I can resolve it myself if it comes up again. The more I learn, the easier it gets!


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